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We’re Internet Savvy Business Consultants who enjoy fusing the right combination of Internet marketing options with & to our customers’ commercial strengths and opportunities. The process we use involves harmoniously marrying these two ingredients together, moulding them into the “best-fit” to create what we’ve coined as an “Algorithmically-Relevant marketing solution”. This is just a fancy Google-way of describing what’s your best option/s given all the factors at play (your business’ strengths, weaknesses, your current market position & what opportunities or challenges you currently have or could potentially face on the Internet). It’s worth noting that in most cases, the solutions we suggest will almost always include the need to get your website to the Top of Google’s search results.

The philosophy & mindset behind the creative process that’s just been described to you is synonymous to the secret behind Google’s own claim to fame, ”relevancy“.

Our approach to determining this customised Internet marketing strategy fit for your business actually resembles the process used by many Advertising Agencies when creating & developing a new advertising pitch. Upon receipt of a client brief, the Creative Director (and team) normally Battle it out to see who will be the first to successfully connect the client’s product/service/promise with a newly associated (but pre-existing) object or theme. The creative department then refers to this new association they’ve made as their client’s “Unique Selling Proposition (USP)”.

It is worth noting that our own brand “Search IQ” was the result of combining a simpler version “Search” of the phrase “Search Engines”used to describe websites which advertisers are attracted, with a simple and even shorter term “IQ” commonly associated with intelligence. On face value, the net affect of combining these 2 words says we not only associate ourselves with Search Engines, but that we are also very familiar knowledgeable about these search engines. See below for a Literal Interpretation of “Search IQ“.

SearchIQ’s Expertise

Generating Your Business Considerable Extra Profit

  • Recommending Internet Marketing Concepts that have potential to Yield 30%+ net profit (gross profit less cogs + expenses)
  • Translating these concepts into task-specific deliverables;
  • Organising these tasks into a Project Plan;
  • Managing the Project Plan and Local Staff;
  • Real-Time Reorganising of Tasks to accommodate completion of task dependant requirements;
  • Reporting live Campaign Status: completed tasks + new results, then either:
  • Providing End of Campaign Report: Completed Tasks | Campaign Goals vs. Campaign Results


  • Contining to Deliver the same or more of the same services.

Using Google Products for Your Business

  • SERPs a.k.a. Google organic rankings
  • Google Accounts:
  • Gmail, first and foremost and/or moving the location of your emails to Google’s email servers
  • Google Webmaster Tools (used below)
  • Google AdWords a.k.a. Pay per Click Text & Image Sponsored Listings visible on Google’s websites & Google’s Network Partners
  • Google Analytics. Knowing where to enhance measurable KPI’s such as Lead Conversion, Amount of Gross Sales or Net Sales;
  • Followed by knowing how to do it means engaging the Performance Tracking Loop: measuring, reporting, re-strategising, re-calibrating, re-optimising;
  • Optimising & Connecting Google+ profiles to…
  • Picasa pics; optimising & connecting this to…
  • Google+ Local Business pages; visible in Google search results when highly optimised, but visible more so in…
  • Google Places; which in turn spits out almost identical search results as…
  • Google Maps

Tuning-up Your Website so it meets Internet Standards

  • Methodology:
  • o Optimising websites to meet W3C website standards;​


  • o Optimising websites to meet Google’s Criteria

  • Deliverables:
  • o Analysing, Recommending, then Validating Changes (completed by other IT team) made to a website’s structure & code;


  • o Analysing, Recommending, Reconfiguring, Testing & finally Validating Changes that we make to a website’s structure & code;

“Reverse” Engineering Google’s Search Engine

  • a.k.a. S.E.O., “search engine optimisation”

Understanding how to ride Google’s machinations & triggers in light of…

Understanding what was behind Google’s Success = The Golden Rule: “Relevancy”

  • a.k.a. Gun-SEO work

Delivering high performance Google results;

  • a.k.a. white-hat SEO Team;

Delivering Safe + Long-Term Google results;

Moving with the Times – Local Advertising on the Internet

  • Local Profiles a.k.a. Citations;
  • Acquiring Google local positioning preferences;
  • Streamlining citations;
  • Optimising Google+ Local Business Pages in Google Places & on Google Maps;
  • Optimising Local citations on other search engines: White Pages, Yellow Pages, True Local, Hot Frog, other;
  • Connecting all of the above back to Google Optimisation

Creating, Engaging & Converting people using Social Media

  • Creating branded and info-rich business pages on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, other;
  • Building audiences; Sharing company activity with audience (and extended circles); Enticing audience to add reviews;
  • Running paid advertising campaigns to target Niche markets;
  • Connecting all of the above back to Google Optimisation;
  • Building Social Applications.

A literal interpretation of the phrase “Search IQ”

Interestingly enough our brand literally translates to “Search Intelligence Quotient”. Whilst there can be many ways one can interpret this, we adopt the view that we know all about “Search” (as a noun is synonymous to “search engines” like Google; as a verb is synonymous to “searching” which is performed mostly by people that use and want to find information on the Internet), to the extent that we essentially (could) offer a test to assess one’s knowledge about search engines. This could therefore imply that  we / SearchIQ, are the authoritative figure in respect to the topic of “Search” or anything that relates to ”search engines”, namely Google (the market leader), Search Engine Optimisation a.k.a. SEO (the process increase a website’s ranking position in a search  engine’s search results page for any keyword phrase/s) or Search Engine Marketing a.k.a. SEM (advertising on search engines such that your text and/or image advertisement is displayed on specific cues set by the advertiser which must be triggered by an end user/s).

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